Accurate Syphilis Test

Our testing centers use RPR or Rapid Plasma Reagin test which screens for the antibodies created by the body to fight the syphilis infection. If the results come back positive, the specialists will use the TPA test to screen the presence of the syphilis bacterium. It’s is a good idea to test for syphilis even if you do not have symptoms because the infection can exist without any obvious signs and symptoms. Our testing centers provide highly accurate test results that are approved by the FDA and have a 91% specificity and 95% sensitivity rate.

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Everything You Need To Know About Syphilis Testing

If you have one STD, it’s a good idea to get tested for other STDs. This is because one STD puts you at a greater risk of infection. You can take advantage of our comprehensive STD test that covers 10 STDs that are considered to be common.