STD Testing For Minors

Getting an STD test is the only sure way for someone to know if they are infected or not. There are a lot of minors that are affected by STDs. Most of them wold like to get tested but are afraid of asking for permission from their parents and guardians. Without being tested, most of them would not know if they carry an infection and this encourages the spread of STDs. This is why we offer a service that provides STD testing for minors who are 16 and 17 without parental consent.

Our service includes Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, oral herpes, genital herpes, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV- and HIV-2 testing. You can access each test individually or you can order the 10 test panel that includes all the 10 most common STDs. Our clinics are CLIA-certified and are run by professionals to make sure you get accurate results.

Is STD Testing For Minors Without Parental Consent Necessary?

According to research, minors, especially those who are 16 and 17 years old, will not get the medical attention they need because they do not want to have an awkward conversation with their parents about STDs. To encourage them to get tested and get the treatment they require, the best way to handle this is to provide a testing service that does not require permission from their parents.

Will HIPAA Apply In The Case Of Minors Testing?

The answer to this is simply YES!. HIPAA dictates that everyone should have the right to decide who can access their personal health information. Since we abide by the rules formulated by HIPAA, we promise that your information will be safe and will remain private and only provided to people who you decide should access the information.

What About The Legal Aspect?

This process is perfectly legal. There are differences in age of consent in different states, but the age is usually between 12 and 14. In all the 50 states of the US, minors are allowed to go through STD testing. 18 of these states give the physicians the right to report that a minor is intending to take an STD test, but non of them dictates that parents should be involved apart from Iowa and only in case of a HIV positive result. The laws state by state law compilation that affects minors and STD testing can be found at the Minors’ Access to STI Services.

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