Get Your STD Test results In 1 to 2 Days

Once the samples have been collected you will get your STD test results in 1 to 2 days. Our testing centers are fast and convenient.

Consultation By Qualified Doctors

In case your results come back positive for an STD, we have qualified doctors ready to guide you through the next steps. The Doctors will take you through the meaning of the results and will prescribe the best treatment options for you. You can ask the doctor any questions you might have and they will professionally answer you.

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Common Questions

Can I Talk to a Doctor If the Results Come back Positive?

Yes. Our professional doctors will guide you through the process of understanding your results and will recommend the best treatment options. You will also get advice on what else you should do to ensure that the treatment process succeeds.

Meaning of “Result”

This is what the STD test found. It will indicate the outcome of the screening depending on the STD or STDs you were testing for. The result will either be negative to indicate that there is no STD found and positive if there was an STD found.

Is It Possible To Get A Positive Result Even After Getting Treated?

Yes. You can test positive for an STD, get treated and test again and be positive for a second time. There are many factors behind this such as engaging in sexual contact with someone with the same STD. If you have a sexual partner, you might want to get tested together and get treated. This will prevent re-infection. There are also chances of having more than one STD.

Pricing & Packages

Express STD testing offer competitive pricing for the best and most accurate lab tests.

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STD Test Reminder
What should I be regularly tested for?

Your sexually health is important to you, your mate and your future.  Learn what STD tests are best for your lifestyle, and schedule a reminder.

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