Hepatitis C Testing

Our Accurate Hepatitis C Testing

Our testing centers use hepatitis C tests that are approved by the FDA. These are tests screen for antibodies that are created by the body to counter the virus. The test uses a small blood sample which means you will not have to go through uncomfortable processes of undressing or swabbing. All our tests are accurate with a 100% sensitivity rate and 99.99% specificity.

+ $10.00 physician fee

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What You Need To Know About Hepatitis C Tests

When Should I Get A Hepatitis C Test?

If you have had unprotected sex with a person with hepatitis C, it’s important to get tested. Getting exposed to needles and drug injection equipment is also a reason to get tested. Early testing gives room for prevention of chronic hepatitis C.

As you get tested for hepatitis C it is also important to get tested for other STDs. This is because having one STD means that you are at a greater risk of getting infected with others. Take the comprehensive STD test that covers 10 most common STDs and take control of your sexual health.

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