Hepatitis A Testing

Our Hepatitis A Test

Express STD Testing uses Hepatitis A blood tests that have been cleared by the FDA. Our hepatitis A test screens the blood for lgM antibodies. These are proteins the body produces to respond to viruses. If the test identifies these antibodies, it means that you have been infected. Our tests have a high accuracy rate with the specificity and sensitivity rates above 95%.

What You Need To Know About Hepatitis A Testing

How We Test For Hepatitis A

We test for hepatitis A using a blood sample. This is because we get more accurate results with a blood test as compared to a urine test. This means that you will need to provide a small blood samples at the testing center.

Hepatitis A Test Preparation

Since it is a blood test, there are no special preparations you need to go through. You do not need to fast. All you have to do is walk to the testing center and provide the blood sample.

How Is Hepatitis A Transmitted?

Hepatitis A is transmitted through ingestion of the virus in drinks and food that have come into contact with small amounts of stool from an infected person. People in a developing country are at a higher risk of infection. It is also possible to get hepatitis A through sexual contact.

Hepatitis A Risk Factors

If you have engaged in anal sex or traveled to a developing country with high cases of Hepatitis A, you might be at a higher risk of infection. Sharing illicit drug injection equipment also puts you at a high risk of infection. If you suspect you have been exposed, you should wait for 2 to 7 weeks to get tested.

What Do Hepatitis A Results Mean?

After testing, the hepatitis A results will come back as negative or positive. A negative result indicates that there is no trace of the virus while a positive result means you have the hepatitis A virus.

Is There A Hepatitis A Cure?

Unfortunately, hepatitis A has no cure yet. However, there are effective vaccines that are safe and have been instrumental in reducing cases of hepatitis A infection. A person who has not yet been vaccinated can get a vaccine 2 weeks after the exposure. This can have up to 90% chance of not developing symptoms.

Who Should Get A Hepatitis A Test?

If you have not had hepatitis A before or have not yet been vaccinated you should get tested. If you travel to a developing country, you share drug injection equipment or are a man who has sex with other men; you need a hepatitis A test since you are at a greater risk.

When Should I Get A Hepatitis A Test?

It is important to take control of your sexual health through knowing your status. The best time to test for Hepatitis a is after the incubation period which means you will have to wait for about 2 to 7 weeks. If you suspect you have hepatitis A and have not been tested for the common STDs our expert doctors recommend taking our comprehensive STD test. This is because having one STD puts you at a greater risk of other STD infections.